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Top Shelf’s Massive $3 Sale is On!

I may be crazy, but it seems to me that there are more absolute BARGAINS this year than in any of the previous Top Shelf $3 Sales. Click over to Top Shelf’s site and order as much as you want — this is the one time of year your budget won’t mind. 

Seriously, here are a few sale prices that strike me as absolutely bonkers; as in, you would have to be nuts not to buy these great comics and graphic novels at these prices:

* ALL of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, each volume is five bucks, so the whole awesome story for 15 dollars.

* Alan Moore’s Unearthing softcover — normally $29.95, just $3.00. That’s 90% off for Moore’s latest work!

* The Surrogates Owners Manual is $10.00. This was originally published at $75.00 if I recall correctly, and provides hours of intense science-fiction entertainment (and also inspired a movie).

* Eddie Campbell’s excellent The Playwright is just a buck!

There are many, many more prices, so low it’s nuts. Buy some for friends, get some great reading for yourself. Top Shelf is an advertiser on this site (and I’m grateful for that!), but I’m telling you about this sale because it’s your one chance to sample some of the greatest graphic novels of the past 15 years or so without having to worry about how you’ll make the rent or pay for groceries. Click on over, get yourself some awesome graphic novels, and sleep well knowing you’re helping one of the best publishers in the industry keep doing what they do so well. And sure, if you like, tell ‘em Trouble With Comics sent you.

Alan David Doane

Top Shelf’s Massive $3 Sale!

Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions has told me that the company is launching a massive $3.00 sale starting tomorrow. I’m jumping the gun to let you know early, because Top Shelf is one of my favourite publishers, and I think you’ll find a lot of great books at bargain prices. Note that Top Shelf is also an advertiser on this site, but I’d be telling you about this sale even if they weren’t, because they’re one of a handful of comics publishers I respect and believe in.

Here are the details on Top Shelf’s Massive $3.00 Sale!

For the next two weeks — through Friday September 23th — Top Shelf is having a giant $3 web sale. When you visit the site, you’ll find 175 graphic novels and comics on sale — with over 100 titles marked down to just $3 & $1! To help us continue doing what we do, please participate in this sale. With the economy as it’s been, it’s getting harder and harder to keep publishing such quality material. But if enough people participate, we’ll be able to finish paying for this year’s amazing releases, and “kick start” a full rollout for next year.

Thanks in advance for your support (as the comics community IS the best community)!

To go directly to the list of items on sale at the Top Shelf website, just click here:

But here are a few sample sale items:

— Slashed Prices: League 1910 & 1969, the new Blankets Hardcover, and more!

— Slashed Prices: Infinite Kung Fu, Any Empire, Lucille, and more!

— Slashed Prices: The Homeland Directive, Incredible Change-Bots, and more!

— Slashed Prices: Lost Girls, Chester 5000, From Hell, and more!

— Slashed Prices: Essex County, Alec, Tricked, Ax, and more!

— Slashed Prices: Owly, Korgi, Johnny Boo, Dragon Puncher, and more!

— $3 Titles: The Playwright, Fingerprints, Voice of the Fire, and more!

— $3 Titles: Dodgem Logic, Super Spy (V2), The Surrogates (V1&V2), and more!

— $3 Titles: Regards from Serbia, Comic Book Artist, The King, and more!

— $3 Titles: Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed, Woodsman Pete, and more!

— $3 Titles: The 120 Days of Simon, Hey Princess, The Troll King, and more!

— $3 Titles: Pinky & Stinky, Yam, I Am Going To Be Small, and more!

— $1 Titles: Sulk (Vols 1, 2, & 3), SuperF*ckers #1-#4, and more!

— $1 Titles: The Surrogates #1-#5, The Sketchbook Diaries #1-#4, and more!

— $1 Titles: Lower Regions, Feeble Attempts, Conversations #1 & #2, and more!

— $1 Titles:Comic Diorama, The Man Who Loved Breasts, 24x2, and more!

— $1 Titles: Tales of the Great Unspoken, Black Ghost Apple Factory, Dang!, and more!

— $1 Titles: Mephisto & The Empty Box, Hey Mister, Yearbook Stores,and more!

Please note that Top Shelf accepts PayPal (as well as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover — all secure), and that this sale is good for retailers as well (and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on top of these sale prices).

And please feel free to re-post this, so your friends can find out about it as well!