Trouble with Comics, Early Returns on Justice League #1

Early Returns on Justice League #1

I frequent a message board that has many comic book readers, most of whom seem to be superhero fans. I polled them and got some interesting results about this week’s Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Of the 65 people that have responded so far, three people say they liked the book.

58 say they are ambivalent, hated it, or “don’t give a shit.” Not a good sign for the book, as these are primarily superhero fans.

Good news for DC, only 21 of the 65 say they downloaded it illegally. Two people say they paid to download it legally, but both said they were ambivalent after reading it. 

One respondent noted:

[I]t looks like more people pirated it than actually bought it — just going from [the responses here]. And at $4.00, I can totally understand why.

It was just a lazy, overly-commercial piece of work. I’m fairly confident the idea to have Green Lantern and Batman feature heavily in the first issue was because they wanted to get some of the sweet sweet Hollywood dollars from the GL film. Sadly, for them, GL tanked badly and nobody gave a shit. The whole adage about “there’s no bad characters, just bad writers” yet again is proven wrong. There are bad characters and they’re all the JLA members apart from Batman and Superman.

When you pay four dollars for the massively hyped first issue of a revamped DCU line featuring their most well known characters and you get this… Well, I just don’t know what anyone was thinking. The whole revamp seems poorly planned. Why not do a Johns/Lee JLA: YEAR ONE series instead? That’d be more honest. In fact, go back and read Waid/Kitson’s JLA: YEAR ONE #1 and see how much stuff he manages to fit in there. Also, I have to agree with most people, Jordan is a dickbag and I have zero interest in reading his adventures. Also also, the entire first issue was just one long bit of shitty exposition. “This ring must work on your mind.” “Yes, it does, Batman - saviour of Gotham City - and it helps me patrol this region of space.” Seriously, when did all of comics forget how to write? It’s filling-in-the-blanks comics. What happened to just telling a good story? And next month — a Superman/Batman fight? Man, it’s been at least two months since we saw that.

What are your thoughts on the book? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

 Alan David Doane 

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