Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [081711]

TWC News with ADD [081711]

* Tony Isabella takes a hard look at the state of freelancer contracts in comics these days, and lays out a basic template for what should actually be included in such legal documents. Interesting for process junkies, essential for pros, both aspiring and current. Be sure to subscribe to this new, even bloggier version of Tony’s Bloggy Thing.

* I know it’s difficult, but imagine for a moment a world where DC Comics doesn’t suck as much. Be sure to read the sidebar introduction. 

* Like my hero Roger Ebert, Tom Spurgeon got sick and wrote brilliantly about it. Set some time aside to really take this one in, and some more time to reflect on the implications of what you’ve read.

* I should link to Tim Callahan more often, both because he’s relatively local ( I see him often at the Albany Comicon) and because he’s a good and balanced writer. He brings those skills to his examination of Dave Sim’s Cerebus The Aardvark. Tim and I had a brief discussion of Sim on Twitter, and the gist of it is that I think Sim’s ideas are toxic and repugnant, and that they torpedo my ability to appreciate Cerebus as comics. Tim takes a more nuanced and forgiving view, and good for him for doing so.

Alan David Doane

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