Trouble with Comics, Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Review

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Review

Guest review by Topic Zero. A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a good game, but not great. They had a few promises in this game that I thought they did not deliver on. The new web swinging mechanic promised that you would need a surface for it to stick to and it would eliminate the grid from the previous game. For the most part it delivered on that unless you are in a mission, then web swinging wouldn’t need any walls. That grid mechanic was lazy at best and only makes a few appearances.

The game has added a few new costumes and for the most part they are all really awesome with some more recognizable ones like the glow in the dark suit from the previous game and the 2099 suit. They even went as far as to bring some lesser known suits into the mix like Ricochet. These were a nice addition to the game. They even had a small reference to the ’90s animated TV series, with the costume of Spider-Carnage. This costume was a reference to the multi-part story arc in which Spider-Man travels through dimensions and visits other versions of himself. In that episode he met people like the Scarlet Spider, Stan Lee, and some other, stranger Spider-Men. That storyline is my most favorite part of the entire series. Just seeing that costume made it all worthwhile.

The story in this game, however, is sub par. I found that almost nothing in it was compelling until the end. Towards the end the developers decide jam packing it with boss fights is the way to go. Which I can say from playing this… It really is not. It felt all mashed together with no breaks in the final four missions to just enjoy web swinging. The developers decided to add in this new conversation choice system. Or so I thought. All it really does is let you chose what Peter says first. This Mechanic does a great job of ruining the flow of conversations. without the regularly voiced conversations when you decide to say one thing over the other you instantly realize that this conversation feels patched together to give you the illusion of choice. There is nothing I hate more than a developer trying to make it look like you have a say when you really don’t. It is lazy and that is really all I can say about this game: It’s lazy. It doesn’t measure up to Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 but it is a good start. They need to focus more on the story and mechanics and less on shoving big name villains into it. all and all I would rate it a 7/10 because of the fun of web swinging around the city. The fighting mechanic is fantastic as always. The web rush has made a return and I personally like the web rush. Good game but not great. It is what I would expect from a Spider-Man game; fun, but don’t expect a new groundbreaking storyline. 

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