Trouble with Comics, PR: Andrew Goletz on The Gathering Vol. 1

PR: Andrew Goletz on The Gathering Vol. 1

Andrew Goletz is a former Galaxy contributor and creative dynamo who asked if there was any way we could help him promote his newest project, and I’m more than happy to lend him some space here on TWC. Please read what he has to say, and consider lending him any support you can. — Alan David Doane


Most of you probably have no idea who the heck I am so why on Earth am I coming on this site, hat in hand, to ask you to help me out? I’ll do my best to explain. 

Years ago (I prefer to say ‘years’ instead of the real number which is well past a decade now because I already feel old) I and a number of people much more gifted with words worked for Alan by doing comic book reviews. It was back when comics cost about two dollars and we were mad about that, to give a little bit of perspective to the whole thing.  

Alan and I went our own ways shortly after I launched the one column (along with co-writer and editor extraordinaire Glenn Greenberg) that people still talk about to this day: The Life of Reilly. The greatly expanded upon book version is coming, soon, I promise. One thing I believe Alan and I always shared was a fondness for discovering new talent and promoting them. Sure it’s fun to comment on a great issue of Superman but there is a unique joy to finding a small press comic at your local comic con or checking out an indie that you heard about from a friend of a friend.  

I’ve always wanted to write and publish comics. And even more than wanting to write and publish comics for the Big Two or Big Five was a desire to write and publish my own comics and help other people like me do the same. I’m finally almost in a position to do that.  

With the help of talented friends made across the internet community I’m ready to launch the first issue of The Gathering. Volume 1: The Thing with Feathers is a 32 page black and white anthology with the central theme of ‘Hope’ in all its stories. There’s the story of the baseball player yearning to make contact with the ball in his final at bat, a family man facing a cancer scare and a couple of super hero stories in there as well. A few of the contributors have had their work published before but for the most part this is a project done but creative people who’ve never had the resources to do this before and I am extremely happy to give them the opportunity to do so with this book.

 But a funny thing happened on the way to making The Gathering. I had ideas for me. And as new teams were assembled for the beginnings of a second volume, more ideas began to present themselves. What about doing longer form stories: Seven pages? Sixteen pages? Full length comics? The potential was there and there are more than enough talented folks out there with ideas to share who want to help contribute to the book.

 The problem is I’m not made of money, contrary to what my kids may believe. While the first issue was completely financed by myself (and at the printers as of this post) I don’t have the ability to have two or three different books ready to goat a moment’s notice. The solution to this is a great sight called Kickstarter which allows creative people to post their ideas and allow people to pledge to help fund the project of their choice.

Our goal is to raise 2500 dollars by the end of July. It’s a lot of money but not an impossible goal. And yeah it does seem strange to be asking complete strangers to donate money in a tough economy to something that isn’t going to change the world but I do believe in this project and the creators involved with it.


I want to be able to create something where new talent can come and tell a story if they want to without having to figure out how to self publish on their own or trying to pitch to a major company. I think we’ve done that with this first anthology and I’m certainly excited about the potential for the future, which is why the Kickstarter campaign is so important.


So if you have a few extra dollars to spare and want to help support an up and coming comic line intent on giving new creators a place to shine, please head on over and make a pledge. We also have a few rewards available there for those that do. 

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