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Getting the Most Out of Comic Book Galaxy

In September, Comic Book Galaxy will have existed for ten years. We’ve gone through four or five incarnations, but currently the site mainly serves as a gateway to my ADD Blog and the group blog Trouble with Comics, which I co-edit with Christopher Allen.

Looking at our main page, I realize that the site is very desperately in need of an overhaul, one that unifies all our various incarnations and allows easy access to all the great contributions we’ve hosted over the past ten years.

But until that happens, I thought it might be good to provide you with a post that gives you links to the most content-heavy pages on the site.

There are two main reviews pages: reviews by Alan David Doane (me), and reviews by other Comic Book Galaxy contributors. Between those two pages you’ll find links to many hundreds of reviews, and contributions by many well-known writers about comics.

There are two main commentary pages: essays by Alan David Doane (me), and essays by other Comic Book Galaxy contributors, notably Christopher Allen, Mike Sterling and Rob Vollmar, among others.

On the interviews page, you’ll find links to transcripts of many interviews conducted by myself and other folks over the years. There are also a handful of audio interviews that you can download on MP3 and enjoy at your leisure.

You’ll find even more writing in the archives on the sidebars of the old Blogger versions of The ADD Blog, Chris Allen’s blog (and check out his archived Movie Poop Shoot columns) and Trouble with Comics.

If you click some of these links, I think you’ll be surprised just how much writing has been archived over the years at Comic Book Galaxy. I wish I had the time and resources to better aggregate it all into one central (and easily used) location, but in the meantime, this post will have to do. I hope you’ll poke around and hopefully find some good writing you’ve never read before. 

— Alan David Doane

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