Trouble with Comics, Guest Reviewer Month: Box Brown Reviews Jeffrey Brown's Process

Guest Reviewer Month: Box Brown Reviews Jeffrey Brown’s Process

This is a difficult book to find!  I was only able to procure one thanks to my friend Susie Cagle going to a small convention in California!  But, I’m glad (and thankful) that she picked it up for me.  Maybe I am the perfect audience for this type of material.

Process by Jeffrey Brown is not just a mini-comic, it is a packet containing a mini-comic, various notes, actual comic making process paraphernalia and even some original art.  It’s certainly worth the $15 for fans of Jeffrey Brown and anyone curious about what goes into making a comic.

Process picks up where Brown’s last book, Funny Misshapen Body left off.  FMB was a really fascinating story of Brown’s path to comic success.  Process really gets into the specifics of Brown’s medium right down to the type of paper and pens he uses.  It’s always interesting to me to see how an artist of any medium works but as a comic artist it’s most fascinating to see how my “peers” work.  I found that Brown’s process was a bit more complicated than mine.  But, then maybe not.  I suggest that the documentation of process would be revealing to the artist as well as the reader.  Take a close look at your own process (of doing anything really) and you’ll probably find a lot more ritual than you thought existed.

What’s really interesting about Process is seeing how Brown works simultaneous on so many different projects.  It seems he has no less than three different publishers.  He’s working on completely different projects all at the same time.  From his Transformers parody Incredible Change Bots, to his mostly silent and beautiful cat books (Cat Getting out of Paper Bag and the upcoming Cats are Weird) to his insightful auto-bio works, it’s a wonder they’re not all mish-mashed! It’s funny though because as complicated as his process seems under a microscope it’s really not.  He seems to just work on what ever is exciting him at the time, which I’ve found is the best way to work. Nothing makes a comic (or any work of art) more interesting than a creator who is excited about it.

Process is really a little gem that’ll be tough to find.  But, I suggest you pick it up if you see it around.  If nothing else it’s always nice to see an established creator make a slight retreat to the world of mini-comics.  It’s obvious that comics are a labor of love for all involved.


Box Brown is creator of the webcomic Bellen! and many mini-comics.  He’s currently working on a “religious epic” called Everything Dies (recently reviewed by ADD here on Trouble with Comics).  You can keep up with his print comics blog and pick up his comics at his online store and at finer comic shops everywhere.

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