Trouble with Comics, Egg Story

Egg Story

By J. Marc Schmidt. SLG Publishing $3.95 USD

Maybe it’s unfair, but until Pixar decides to tell the animated story of a bunch of anthropomorphic egg siblings, I’m just not interested. Look, I just think if you have to give your little eggy characters stick figure limbs, and ninja outfits, then to me, you’ve somehow failed to work within the limits of your concept. It might as well be mice or shrunk-down humans in a big scary world or, you know, any sentient, ambulatory creature with brain function, rather than unfertilized chicken embryos. As the bio page indicates, Schmidt was inspired by Australian artist Norman Lindsay and decided to make a comic, so he sequestered himself and did it. But as far as I know, Slave Labor is under no legal obligation to publish it. I don’t want to be mean, but I just didn’t connect with the comic at all. You know what’s a better use of eggs? Boil some spaghetti, drain the water, and while the pasta is still hot, throw in butter, olive oil, parmesan, salt, pepper and a cracked egg, and stir. The heat will cook the egg that coats the pasta, adding protein and extra flavor. Alternately, make pizza with dough, olive oil, salt, cheese and cured meat on top such as prosciutto or salami and then crack an egg on top of that while it’s still in the oven. These are two good things to do with eggs. Let’s end on a positive.

Christopher Allen

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