Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [031010]

TWC News with ADD [031010]

* Tim O’Neil examines the recent backlash against blogger Valarie D’Orazio, apparently due to her use of her own life experience to inform her script for an issue of Punisher Max. I haven’t read the issue in question yet, but I’ve been catching up on post-Ennis Punisher Max comics recently, so this is, as that cat says, “relevant to my interests.” This is the latest in a series of outstanding posts by O’Neil.

* Frank Santoro wonders why some of the most talented and prominent comics creators of the 1970s and ’80s aren’t creating longform graphic novels. I wonder if perhaps it isn’t as simple a question as he makes it out to be. Just because the creators he name-checks have the chops and, to readers of a certain age, the popularity, does not mean the publishing world is beating down their doors wondering when they’ll deliver the great graphic novel we know they have within them. Perhaps they have other interests, perhaps they don’t have it in them, or most likely, the industry does not see the same potential and obvious lost opportunities here as Santoro does. Which isn’t to say I don’t agree with him, because I would dearly love to see new longform works from every creator on his list.

* Uncomics: Only the Cinema examines the entertaining-but-imperfect Shutter Island.

Alan David Doane

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