Trouble with Comics, Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011

Dwayne McDuffie 1962-2011

Rest in peace, Dwayne McDuffie. His work in comics and especially on Justice League Unlimited was witty, visionary and wildly entertaining. His work was filled with a commitment to presenting diversity, a lesson both my kids took to heart in the untold hours we spent watching JLU together.

I’ll never forget the joy he brought me and my kids, and I’ll never forget his honesty and commitment to what he believed in. There aren’t many people in comics that set a standard like Dwayne did.

Like Mike Wieringo, another comics creator who died way too young, I cherish the few times I got to interact with Dwayne, and I will never forget his work and the profound and very personal impact it had for my family and I.

Alan David Doane

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