Trouble with Comics, Grant Morrison’s latest creator-owned series is...

Grant Morrison’s latest creator-owned series is already in motion as a feature film and rapper/director RZA is set to direct, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Happy! debuted at Image Comics late last month, and was reported Tuesday as in development with RZA as director, Morrison writing the script and Reginald Hudlin — who’s worked on comics including Black Panther and Marvel Knights Spider-Man — producing with RZA. The plan, as reported, is to develop the film and then take it to a studio or financier. With one issue out thus far, Happy! tells the story of a down-on-his-luck hitman who receives inspirational advice from a blue horse. RZA’s directorial debut, The Man with the Iron Fists, is out on Nov. 2. : Wu-Tang’s RZA Teaming with Grant Morrison for HAPPY Film

This is the full text of Newsarama’s post about Happy! getting optioned or produced or whatever.

Darick Robertson, co-creator, designer, and artist, is not mentioned, even though Newsarama is an actual comics site that should know better and has done better.

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Newsarama has always been terrible, the movie will be terrible, Reginald Hudlin is over, and David Brothers is physically unable to resist making a passive aggressive or aggressive diss against Grant Morrison. Now you have context. 

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