Trouble with Comics, The '80s: Not Just for Thomas Dolby Anymore

The ’80s: Not Just for Thomas Dolby Anymore

The best thing to happen in June might very well have been Tom Spurgeon’s series of posts on comic books he read in serial form in the 1980s. The best thing for me, anyway — your mileage may vary.

But for me, the 1980s was the decade I matured into comics — I reached adulthood and started buying them with my own money, and my tastes were codified by many of the titles Tom wrote about (Thriller, X-Men, Mechanics, American Flagg, Reid Fleming, Miracleman, Saga of the Swamp Thing). It was almost as thrilling as being there in that era and buying them monthly to be able to revisit them through Tom Spurgeon’s writing. I often find his memories of comics in that era hew very closely to my own, and this long series of posts really brought that home. If you missed this retrospective series, or if, like me, you didn’t realize just how many posts there were (or why he did it, which Spurgeon explains), I strongly urge you to click the link above and take a stroll through what might very well be one of the most useful and entertaining series of articles about comic books yet written. If nothing else, Tom Spurgeon has given newer readers something of a canon from which to begin investigating a landmark era of comics, really the beginning of the modern era in comics creation. Certainly he’s given this older reader a solid reason to remember what I loved about comics during a very formative time in my life, and a solid guide to how to relive it again, if I choose.

Alan David Doane 

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