Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [010411]: Unslap My Face

TWC News with ADD [010411]: Unslap My Face

* At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson has the news that DC is reinstating letters pages in their funnybooks. GOOD. Dropping this seemingly minor tradition in comics is one of the reasons for my own personal disconnect with much of what the industry has to offer, I think. I can’t provide a rational, scientific explanation for this, but I can tell you that reading just about any new #1, corporate superhero comic, artcomic, any kind of comic at all, and finding no text piece at all, no little introductory essay, always seems like a little slap in the face to me as a reader. If DC does it right and uses letters pages as a way to communicate with readers (and not as a vapid promotional tool), I wouldn’t be surprised to see the erosion of readers begin to slow down a little. I’m not saying it will actually increase sales, because I don’t think it will, but I do think it could help build loyalty among whatever readership remains.

* At The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon interviews writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

* At the Ferret Press blog, Dara Naraghi has restarted his “Guess the Artist" feature, always a fun way to test your comics chops.

* Longtime comics critic Randy Lander posts his top comics and graphic novel lists of 2010.

* Glycon knows I love me some Alan Moore, and I haunted the shelves at FantaCo for something like a year waiting for the 1963 Annual that never was. Big Numbers is another great, incomplete Moore epic, and it seems artist Bill Sienkiewicz is game to wrap it up.

* In design news, CBR has news that Archie is taking their covers in a more retro direction. I’m a little baffled that anyone would think the example given is really retro looking, but maybe they’ll get the hang of it eventually. Not having the UPC code on the front cover is definitely a step in the right direction, if that’s really what I am seeing, there.

* Apparently Kevin Huizenga has more Ganges on the way. Yay.

* Bob Temuka says Grant Morrison’s Batman was the #4 best comic he read in 2010.

* Tony Isabella gets killed with kindness as his history of life in the comics industry continues.

* Uncomics: The best non-comics news of the new year to date. World-class film critic Roger Ebert is coming back to TV, and bringing a whole lotta talented friends with him.

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