Trouble with Comics, Fantagraphics To Launch Complete Barks Ducks Hardcover Series

Fantagraphics To Launch Complete Barks Ducks Hardcover Series

In what is surely the first big comics news story of the year, and what might be the best one, too, Fantagraphics has announced that it is reprinting the complete Carl Barks Donald Duck comics in a twice-yearly hardcover format. Robot 6 has the news and an interview with Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth (I spotted the news first at Sean T.’s joint).

I’m not kidding when I say that, after The Complete Peanuts (also published by Fantagraphics), this is the reprint project I’ve been waiting most of my life for. Barks was an absolute master of comic book storytelling, but there has never been a definitive, all-encompassing project you could point to and say “Yeah, get that and you’re all set.” As of today, that has changed. Fantagraphics (an advertiser on this site, I should note) has long prided itself on being the publisher of the world’s greatest cartoonists, and it’s astonishing and gratifying to see them add one of the probably half-dozen best of all time to their stable. The Complete Peanuts, Krazy and Ignatz, Prince Valiant and other Fanta reprint projects have proven that they know how to handle material like this with class and respect, and Gary Groth, Kim Thompson, Eric Reynolds and the rest of the gang at Fantagraphics are to be congratulated and thanked for adding this monumental feather to their cap. Way to go, guys. You just made 2011 a very good year for a lot of comics-loving folks like myself.

Alan David Doane

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