Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [123110]: The Fury of the Uninvolved

TWC News with ADD [123110]: The Fury of the Uninvolved

* Longtime comic book writer, creator rights advocate and industry observer Tony Isabella explains the methodology he is using in his continuing career autobiography. He’s about to get into contentious territory, so it’s good that he is letting readers know exactly what he is thinking and how he is laying out the facts he is presenting. Having known Tony for years and having some small idea of where he’s going with at least some of this, I can almost guarantee you that a lot of hardcore corporate superhero “fans” who have nothing whatsoever to do with the industry, or the injustices Tony and countless others have suffered at its hands, are about to get righteously outraged at the truth about the North American sooperhero machine. For the rest of us, those interested in the truth about the history of the comics industry, this is absolutely essential reading, if not always pleasant to learn (see Wednesday’s Tony’s Bloggy Thing, in which the tragic story of DC colourist Adrienne Roy is recounted).

* Tom Spurgeon interviews Dee Vee’s Daren White. Dee Vee was a quietly awesome comics anthology, one you’ve probably never heard of, that contained great comics by names like Eddie Campbell, James Kochalka and many others. I came for the Kochalka and stayed for the general comics excellence. I haven’t read this interview yet, but as soon as I get myself settled this morning, this interview is first on my to-do list. Spurgeon’s holiday interviews are always a highlight of this time of the year, but honestly this year seems to have raised the bar to an intimidating degree. Just one great comics discussion after another, day after day. Thanks for making the season bright (and informative and entertaining!), Tom.

* Derik A. Badman runs down his best of 2010 list. Derik’s critical analysis is not quite like any other comics blogger, and his list looks pretty solid to me.

* Steve Bissette and Dave Sim continue their public discussion of creator rights and their personal experiences in the comics industry (part one) (part two) (part three) (part four).

* Short list of links today, the wife has errands for me to run. Happy New Year, and thanks for continuing to read Trouble With Comics. I hope you’ll be back for more in 2011.

Alan David Doane

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