Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [122910]

TWC News with ADD [122910]

Welcome to a special “Understanding Comics” edition of TWC News with ADD.

* At The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon interviews Jason Miles, “Operations/Editorial” for Fantagraphics Books. Miles explains the title and discusses publishing and his own experiences in comics.

* At World Famous Comics, Tony Isabella discusses the long history of DC Comics destroying the lives of the people who make the comics that allow them to exist as a corporate entity, and focuses on the sad and completely unnecessary tragedy of longtime colourist Adrienne Roy. This is must reading for anyone who wants to understand the history of North American comic book publishing, and the great, casual injustices the industry is capable of.

* At Comics Comics, Jeet Heer explains why you should be reading the autobiographical comics of David Collier, an opinion I thoroughly agree with, for precisely the reasons Heer lays out.

* At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson runs down her list of the Best Manga of 2010. Pay attention.

* Former Troublemaker Mick Martin plans to blog every weekday at Superheroes, Etc. for the first six months of 2011, and also plans to read more graphic novels with an eye to creating a Best of 2011 list at the end of the coming year. These two resolutions could combine to make for some fine reading for us all in the next half-year, my friends.

* Hey, while we all wait for Mick’s 2011 list, Bob Temuka is running down his top ten GNs of 2010 over on Tearoom of Despair, starting with #10, Wilson by Dan Clowes.

Alan David Doane

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