Trouble with Comics, TWC News with ADD [122310]

TWC News with ADD [122310]

* World Without Journalista, Day 01: Farewells and thoughts on the end of Dirk Deppey’s TCJ era from Johanna, Kleefeld, and Noah. There’s a Facebook page to register your appreciation and share your thoughts about Dirk and Journalista.

* My, that’s a big Bone.

* Awesome Fantagraphics warehouse find: Two Jack Jackson collections. I have God’s Bosom and it’s fantastic. Go buy some great comics before they’re gone again.

* It’s a good thing I subscribed to Robot 6’s RSS feed at Dirk’s suggestion, or I’d miss oddball weirdness like Miss Grundy having cancer, but apparently only in one of the two universes she occupies, like Schrodinger’s Cat.

* Uncomics: Paul Cornell on ebooks and illegal downloading. Lots of food for thought here, folks. Love the revelation of the reason publishers think ebooks should cost as much as a hardcover first edition. Fucking idiots.

Alan David Doane

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