Trouble with Comics, Thanks and Good Luck to Dirk Deppey

Thanks and Good Luck to Dirk Deppey

After many years as one of the finest comics bloggers on the internet, Journalista’s Dirk Deppey has been laid off from Fantagraphics. In the world of comic book blogging, there is Neilalien, there is Tom Spurgeon, and there is Dirk Deppey. And then there’s everybody else. I know I speak for just about the entire comics blogosphere when I wish Dirk the very best in whatever he chooses to do from here, and with every molecule of my being, Dirk, thank you for all you did for comics both as editor of The Comics Journal and as Journalista’s guiding light. It’s no exaggeration to say my time spent reading about comics every day will be greatly diminished by the loss of Journalista. I hate that this has happened, and I can only hope that it results in something far better and more profitable coming your way in a very short span of time.

— Alan David Doane

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