Trouble with Comics, Random Notes on Comics: 051012

Random Notes on Comics: 051012

* I think Fatale #5 came out this week, but I’ll probably hold off until the David Mazzucchelli Daredevil: Born Again Artist Edition arrives at the comic shop later this month, before I make the trip to the shop. Over on A Criminal Blog, Bubba runs down the latest news in all things Brubaker and Phillips. 

* I saw The Avengers. I agree with Tony Isabella that it is the best superhero movie yet made, and I agree with any and all calls to donate the price of a ticket to the Hero Initiative as a way to recognize Jack Kirby’s enormous contribution to comics in general and this movie in particular.

* I did pick up the Ellis/Raney Stormwatch hardcover last week (the clerk at the shop asking me if it collects the New 52 Stormwatch — er, no, it collects good Stormwatch comics), but haven’t cracked it open yet. Might be because I am still making my way through the preview copy I received of Jim Kunstler’s forthcoming Too Much Magic, but then again it might be because I have read Ellis and Raney’s Stormwatch probably two dozen times over the years. It’s that good.

* Speaking of Warren Ellis, I saw on Twitter that the next Iron Man movie will be using material from Ellis’s Extremis arc from the Iron Man comic book. Ellis says he understood he was work for hire when he wrote the thing, and is fine with not getting a piece of the pie. I guess I am surprised that a comic that recently wouldn’t have had some sort of royalty clause in the contracts, but then again, it’s comics. Like water finding its level, the comics industry always finds a way to fuck anyone it can.

—Alan David Doane 


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