Trouble with Comics, Random Note on Comics: 040412

Random Note on Comics: 040412

Well, I forgot to pre-order the new Alan Moore-written Supreme #63, which comes out today, and it’s already sold out from Diamond. Luckily I was able to get it on eBay for 6 bucks shipped. I still have all those original issues (ditched the shitty-looking Checker trades last year), and not having #63 would have driven me nuts. Even got the variant cover, so it looks like it’s of a piece with the rest of the run, and not a 2012-era issue. It’s amazing how good that makes me feel. I was asked by the comics shop if I want to subscribe to it, but I think the Alan Moore issue alone will suit me fine. It’s nice having one more look back at his great run on Supreme, but I’m not interested in what any other writer will do to follow it up. If I’m wrong and it turns out that the new run is a masterpiece of superhero comics, do let me know and I will apologize and pick up the collected edition, deal?
What else? Flex Mentallo is waiting in my pull bin at the comic shop. I read it three or four times years back, but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy and understand it more reading it as an actual book, you know? Morrison and Quitely always make for a good read, or almost always, anyway. I wasn’t so hot on Batman and Robin, but I was seriously hating Morrison’s Batman era by then anyway.

I was told I have ANOTHER Daredevil waiting for me after getting one just last week, so I have to assume that’s the 10.1 issue with the reportedly very different artist. You know, Daredevil could have really been a special book if they would just have it be Waid and one or two of the very good Pop Noir guys they’ve had on there — I don’t think .1 issues or Spider-Man crossovers are very good for the long-term health of the run, or for my interest in it. Considering that DD, Fatale and Star Trek are the only floppies I even bother with anymore, I wish they wouldn’t fuck with it. Oh, and please note that Star Trek #7 serves as a sequel-of-sorts to the 2009 movie, and it is every bit as awesome and exciting as a Star Trek fan like me might hope.

I did get the Ellis Secret Avengers HC last week. It’s as good as Ellis’s better Stormwatch or Global Frequency issues, with much the same focused, Ellis-y feel to each issue. I think the Black Widow time travel one is my fave, but there’s no stinkers in any of the 6 issues. If you like Ellis in his prime, his Secret Avengers isn’t far off the mark, and there’s some very pretty artwork to be found in the six chapters it contains.

Alan David Doane

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