Trouble with Comics, We Interrupt This Program...

We Interrupt This Program…

You may have noticed that we’ve added a Paypal donation button to the sidebar to the right. I’ll be right up front and tell you that if you can make a donation to support our efforts here, it would be greatly appreciated and go a long way toward making sure TWC keeps going for the foreseeable future.

Prior to our recent re-envisioning, my own blogging efforts had been light because of a number of factors, including the fact that I have been out of work for a few months now and am looking for a new job, and also that we had to cut the internet from our household budget, so my online access was extremely spotty. We managed to get our internet back a few weeks ago, and you may have noticed I’ve been on a real streak ever since — I guess I had a lot of stuff bottled up inside me.

I know times are tough all over; I’m not the only one, and we’re lucky in that my wife still has a job, and a good one at that. But she doesn’t make enough to cover all our household expenses, and some months are very difficult, so I’m asking you to consider making a donation from time to time, in whatever amount you think is fair, if you like what we do here. I’m not going to turn Trouble with Comics into a PBS Pledge Drive, and other than this one message, and maybe a brief reminder at the end of some posts, the only reminder asking you to donate will be the button in the sidebar.

Besides the donation button, you can also support our efforts by clicking on one of the BUY COMICS links in the sidebar, which take you to Lone Star Comics’ and Amazon, both of which we have affiliate programs set up with. You can also spread the word about us on Facebook, or your own blog, if you have one, or any message boards or mailing lists you participate in. If you have a project you want to tell the world about, email me about advertising here on TWC. This would be fun if only Chris and I were reading what we do here, but I have to be honest and tell you it’s a thrill to know that people actually are interested in what we do, and if you can help more people learn that we’re here, that would be great, too.

Since Chris and I started redoubling our efforts here on TWC, it’s been gratifying to see so many readers find their way back here. We’re a long way from the glory days of Comic Book Galaxy in the early 2000s, but it’s clear that we have a small but loyal audience that likes what we do, and I speak for Chris when I tell you we appreciate every one of you who stops by, checks out our writing, or leaves a comment. Thank you for being a part of Trouble with Comics, and thank you for whatever support you can provide to keep us going, now or in the future.

Alan David Doane

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