Trouble with Comics, Marvel and DC Price Changes: Retailer Response #3

Marvel and DC Price Changes: Retailer Response #3

Marvel and DC Comics have announced that they are reducing the price of many of their titles from $3.99 to $2.99. I asked a number of comics retailers for their thoughts on the change, set to take effect in January of 2011. The following thoughts are from Peter Birkmoe of The Beguiling in Toronto, Ontario. Peter told me that the store’s Christopher Butcher may have more to say on the issue, but he is at the New York City Comicon this weekend, and so he was not immediately available for comment.

Peter, what impact do you think the announced price changes will have on your store?

Of all the price changes we have seen in all formats, I can’t say that I feel this one will have that significant a short term impact.  It will definitely help take some of the pressure of the general sense that the $3.99 single issue is an overpriced item for a fleeting and fractured unit of entertainment.

When sales change for us drastically on a title, it can almost always be attributed to content/creative team.  A change across the board on the pricing of a publisher becomes much more diffuse in its effect on numbers.  In our local market, this year has seen a number of other shops in Toronto close leading to an influx of new customers, and further uncertainty in our numbers.

Thanks to Peter Birkmoe for taking the time to talk with Trouble with Comics about this issue. More retailer responses as they come in.

— Alan David Doane

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