Trouble with Comics, News: DC Drops Prices

News: DC Drops Prices

DC Comics today announced via press release that it is lowering prices line-wide beginning with issues shipping in January, 2011.

DC says “all standard length 32-page ongoing comic book titles currently priced at $3.99 [will move to] $2.99.” The announcement was made jointly by co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio.   The press release quotes Lee as saying “For the long term health of the industry, we are willing to take a financial risk so that readers who love our medium do not abandon the art form.”

DiDio was quoted as saying “a $3.99 price point for 32 pages was too expensive. Fans were becoming increasingly reluctant to sample new titles and long term fans were beginning to abandon titles and characters that they’d collected for years.”

It remains to be seen whether this allegedly financially risky move will really “save the art form,” as Lee suggests. More on this and other noble efforts to save comics as events develop.

— Alan David Doane

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