Trouble with Comics, Trouble with Comics Phase II

Trouble with Comics Phase II

If you’re reading this post on an RSS reader, you may not see the changes we’ve made to the design here at TWC. But if that’s the case, you can click our new URL to see the changes. The look was entirely inspired by Christopher Allen’s suggestion to me that the blog should reflect “Something troubling, maybe some hotter color for background, with a tense logo.” Having co-opted one of the most tension-filled images in all of comics history (the first panel of “Master Race,” by Bernard Krigstein) for our new logo, I hope I met Chris’s expectations.

Aside from the new look, the other change is that TWC is now written solely by Christopher Allen and myself. We previously had cooked up the idea and edited the blog together, but after a pretty strong start and months of great posts from a large group of writers, things began to stagnate and Chris and I felt it was time for a change. Looking back at the era of Comic Book Galaxy when Chris and I were sharing space a la Siskel and Ebert (not to set the bar too high, eh, Chris?), I really got the itch to try that out once again.

So look for Phase II to kick into hopefully a higher gear in the days and weeks ahead, as Chris and I ramp up our efforts and hopefully provide you with the kind of criticism and commentary you’ve come to expect from us (if, in fact, you’ve ever heard of us at all). There’s no one I enjoy talking about comics with more than Christopher Allen, and I’m really psyched to be once again talking about them with him right here at Trouble with Comics.

Remember to bookmark our new URL,, and please let us know what you think about our efforts.

Alan David Doane

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