Trouble with Comics, Eve of Something

Eve of Something

Ten years ago today I was anxiously awaiting the debut of Comic Book Galaxy, which came a day later, on September 1st, 2000.

Personal matters have kept me from any major posts the past few weeks, and I really did want to have something major put together for the tenth anniversary, but the universe had other plans. I know at least one Galaxy founder has something planned for tomorrow, and I am looking forward to reading that. I hope you are too.

While we await that piece’s posting, let me say thank you to everyone who’s been involved with Comic Book Galaxy over the past decade. If I were to name everyone, the list would be somewhere around (or even over) 100 names, and I don’t want to leave anyone out, so just know that if you’ve been a part of this strange and at times unsettling ride, please know that you have my eternal gratitude for making the site everything that it has been over the years. “We are not now what we once were,” goes that quote that Joe Straczynski loves so much…and I forget the rest, but I’m sure it’s something like “…but at least we’re still here.”

Not everyone has been so lucky. And on this day before Comic Book Galaxy’s tenth anniversary, I’m reminded of two staggering and very different talents that are no longer with us — Harvey Pekar and Mike Wieringo. I got to know each of them just a tiny bit as a result of the existence of this site, and you can read my interviews with them in my ebook Conversations with ADD. I think about both of these gentlemen quite often and reflect on how much they gave to comics, and how much more they had to give. There are a lot of reasons why I am proud of the work we’ve done here over the past decade, but there’s no greater reason than that it’s allowed me and the people who contribute to the site to talk to and learn from such talented creators. I hope the next decade allows us to do more of the same with the people making comics today, and in the years ahead.

I must once again single out Christopher Allen for his loyalty and dedication, and for the mountains of incredible writing he has given us all over the past ten years, here and elsewhere.

And for you, dear reader, thanks for being here all these years, you have no idea how grateful I am for your participation.

— Alan David Doane

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